Sunday, July 5, 2009

Popcorn Pack-a-Snack

We made these fun and easy pack-a-snack mixes in Preschool this summer with the kids and they were a BIG hit! It's a great and easy idea for a take-along snack for a long summer drive, hike or just a yummy snack.All you have to do is use fresh popped popcorn as a base and then throw in your child's favorite goodies (ie: chocolate chips, pretzels, m&m's, craisins, goldfish crackers, cap'n crunch cereal, etc.) mix and throw it in a bag to pack with you this summer.


Jenette said...

Sounds easy and looks yummy!

Jennifer Hughes said...

Hi! Found your blog and love it! Immediately became a follower! Visit my blog when you have time!