Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cheese Chiller - Feedback Requested

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all having a fun-filled, sun-filled, family-filled, friend-filled, yummy snack-filled summer!  

I have an awesome opportunity for all of us!  A fellow reader of this blog (Shea) is also an inventor, and she has invented this fun 'Cheese Chiller' - a product to take your string cheese with you and keep it cold so it doesn't get all warm and rubbery .  She is asking that you look over the product information, pictures and pricing and give honest feedback.  I am asking that the feedback be constructive and have something to back up your response (ie: I like the 'Cheese Chiller' because ..." or I don't think I would buy one because ...").  Take a look:

The cost of one 'Cheese Chiller' would be between $6.00-$8.00.  Shea (our inventor) asks, "Would you buy this product to haul your precious cheese around?"  Price would be between $6-$8.00.
Here is her product desctiption/information: 
We have invented a container that keeps cheese sticks (string cheese) cold and allows them to be portable. Before our idea, cheese sticks would become mushy and warm by snack or lunchtime. The benefits are huge to the manufacturer as families with more than one child will buy multiples. Mothers can feel good about packing a healthy snack. Cheese stick sales last year were 640 million and Kraft Cheese Sticks had a 364.03% increase from 2010 - 2011. Weight Watchers recently launched their own line of cheese sticks for their dieters. This product may increase cheese stick sales beyond current trends by allowing for non-refrigerated portability. Great impulse item that may be strategically placed in several key places throughout any store; kid snack isle, adult snack isle, dieters isle and of course placed right next to the cheese sticks themselves. This product will work well on j-hooks and has a very eye catching black and white design.

My review:
I personally really like the idea of his handy little gadget because I never pack string cheese in my lunch bag or on the go because if it gets warm it turns rubbery and un-appetizing.  I think the price is a good price at $6, but I don't know if I would pay $8 only because I don't eat string cheese a lot of the time, so I don't know if I could be talked into paying a higher price.  I drop $5 without thinking on many items, so the closer to that magic $5 price for me the better (for me)!

Don't forget that I ask feedback to be thoughtful and constructive! ;-)  Much thanks, and good luck Shea!


Jodi said...

I love this idea! My kids love string cheese but won't pack it in their lunch because of the mushy/rubbery issue. My honest feedback:
I would like a single cheese holder - it looks like the one in the picture holds 2 and my kids wouldn't eat two for lunch.
I think if the price was $5 or less, you'd have better sales. I wouldn't pay $8 for sure and I would really have to think about it and probably end up putting it back when I was unloading my cart if it was priced $6 or higher.
Good idea!

The Young Family said...

Question ~ is there a liquid or some sort of way this is keeping it cold other than the sticks are in a container? I guess I missed that part of the sales. More info on how these stay cold would be appreciative on my decision.

I agree with the above commment that I would pay $5 or less. With having a family of 5 we are on a strick budget and needing to buy 2 or 3 would really be pushing the budget.

Great idea.

Dani said...

I like the idea also but I feel like I need more information on HOW it keeps it cold to make a judgement call. I pack string cheese for my children and husband every day for lunch we also take it too all of our sporting events to go along with our fruit to keep us balanced. That being said I wouldn't pay over $5 for it because we would need 5 of them and $25 is steep for me to think about but any more than that I would pass it right by.
Let me know the technology behind it. :) Great idea I love how inventive people are!

Dani said...

One more question dishwasher safe? I also think a single serving one would be enough for most families for a lunch pack :) GOOD LUCK

Cheese Chiller said...

Hello everyone this is Shea the invento being a mom my answer is yes it sure is dishwasher safe I was my kids were. LOL, the cheese stick holder stays cold because it has gel inside the walls of the plastic so you put it in the freezer the night before and when your ready pop in a cheese stick and it will stay cold for 8 hours. Hope this helps.

Dani said...

Thanks for the update that sounds great. I would still be a bit hesitant on the price and would love to see a single tube available :)

Amy Trauntvein said...

Love the idea behind it, but don't think I would buy it, because it's ONLY for string cheese. Yes, my kids eat string cheese In their lunches, but not all the time. My suggestion would be to make. It a bit more universal for other food items like the individual cheddar cheeses that are rectangular, and also gogurts. If the shape was more open in the middle and a little longer, then the product would be more useful and be usable for more than just string cheese. Also, $6-8 is a bit high. A flat $5 would sell more. Great idea though!

phnee said...

I just googled "how to keep string cheese cold" and this popped up. Any updates?

brunosmom said...

I have just spent an hour searching for just this! I would totally buy it for up to $10. Have any prototypes to sell? Margcita@gmail.com.