Monday, February 8, 2010

Creepy Potions

For Halloween this year made these lovely potions for our 'witches lair' in our dramatic play area in preschool. The kids loved pretending to mix up potions, and stir their pretend brew while they were dressed up as witches and bats!
I just bought some of those drink shooters they sell at Target during Christmas and New Years and dumped out the contents. Then I filled each little tube with a lovely concoction and/or bug, eyeball, frog, etc. to make it more creepy!
Here are the concoction mixes:
baby oil and food coloring (they don't mix so it looks super creepy!)
Karo syrup and glitter, bugs, frogs etc (and food coloring to change the color if wanted)
Water and food coloring, glitter, etc.
DON'T FORGET: to glue the lids on nice and tight!!!! These are for pretend only! ;)


Valerie said...

Soooo fun! I'll have to file this for parties.

Melissa Burrup said...

LOVE it. My preschoolers have been using these and a cauldron to make witches brew :)