Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Giveaway ... coming soon!

Spread the news!!! ... I'm hosting a giveaway soon! I've been browsing the internet while looking for counter stools (our "sweet" dog chewed on ours) and came across this awesome online company: www.allbarstools.com who, not only have me dreaming of new barstools to replace my chewy stools (look below to see the barstools I have my eye on). And low and behold -- as it turns out,this company is going to let me host a giveaway! Just wanted to let you know! Stay tuned for the giveaway coming soon!But in the mean time, think about your favorite spring/summer/holiday snacks that you've seen, made or remember from when you were a kid! When I do the giveaway for this certain secret amazing item you're going to have to share, share, share!
These are the stools I'm DREAMING of ...
I want them in orange!


Charlotte Ann said...

Awesome! I have to say that I love the green, but the orange is cute too!

kdance10 said...

Oh my gosh those are the cutest stools. Love all the colors:) Cant wait for the awesome giveaway