Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tie-Dye Paint Project

Even though this is NON-EDIBLE I just had to post it because it's so much fun!!! It's a fun way to paint paper to look like tie-dye!Here's what you need: paper, shaving Cream, water colors (or food coloring), squigiHere's what you do:
Put the shaving cream in a tray (or cookie sheet) and flatten it with your fingers to about an inch thick. Drip different colors of the water colors on the shaving cream and spread around with your fingers (or spoon, or craft stick).
Then lay the paper on the colored shaving cream and rub the back gently with your hands to flatten and make sure the paper is covered with shaving cream.
Then you pull the paper off and squigi the shaving cream off and you have a SUPER COOL tie-dye print!


Amy Trauntvein said...

Holy Cow! This is awesome! I have GOT to try this! Too bad I'm done teaching for this year. I'll just do it this summer with the kids. Very cool idea, how/where did you get this craft?

TracyB said...

So cool....going to try this in my class. Thanks for posting!