Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Giveaway on it's way!!!

I want this! Isn't it cute? Yes ... I'm daydreaming again, but this time it's about lighting!

Ever been in your kitchen making fun snacks or cooking a yummy meal and need more lighting? I do! It seems like every time I'm making a fun snack or meal I flip on all the lights in the kitchen and still need more lighting! How about some under cabinet rope lighting (orange would be lots-o-fun).But it doesn't stop there! Because once I think about it ... many rooms in our house could use some new lighting!

This for the kitchen:

For the family room:
For the bedroom:
For fun! Yep, they're lights!

Which brings me to my GIVEAWAY! csn stores is letting me host yet another giveaway! Not just for lighting but to any of their 200+ stores that sell almost anything you could imagine! I'll post soon about the giveaway but until then, check out all of the products from csn stores and start daydreaming!

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Karlee said...

Oh my gosh Rach... I just wanted to tell you... the other night I was looking at tis blog when you posted german pancakes! They looked so good I had to go make them right then. When you're pregnant and something looks or sounds good, it looks REALLY good! So, my family had chicken and baked beans while I thoroughly enjoyed my pan of german pancakes! I am ready for some more, so again tonight I'm making another pan! It's almost 10 pm... :) Anyway, thanks for the reminder about them cause it had been a while since I made them!