Thursday, October 14, 2010

Product Review X 2

If you're familiar at all with my blog then you know I'm a HUGE fan of! Well, not too long ago they gave me an opportunity to review 2 products. I had a hard time choosing (since csnstores has absolutely everything to offer) but finally I whittled it down to a couple of AWESOME items!

First item: Rival 3 Qt. Stainless Steel Fondue Set.Isn't it a beaut? We have LOVED this fondue set! With most other fondue pots, you have to first cook the chocolate, broth, cheese on the stovetop first and then transfer it to your fondue pot where it will keep the yummy goodness warm, but with this one you plug it right into the wall, drop your stuff in and cook it right in the pot!!! It has a temperature settings dial that you control the heat to cook it right in the pot and then turn the dial to 'warm' when dipping and eating! Love this thing!

Second item: Hamilton Beach 10 cup Food Processor (in white).Okay - what can you NOT do with an awesome food processor like this one? I love chopping veggies, making fresh salsa, grating cheese and veggies, etc. Pure definition of fresh food fast!

Look what I made with it! Veggie Pizza!Ingredients:
2 pkgs. fridge cressent rolls, 1 block cream cheese, ranch dressing, 2 carrots, 1/2 bunch broccoli, 1/2 cauliflower head, 2 cups grated cheese.

Open the refrigerator cressent rolls and pat them out on a pizza pan (like a crust). Bake according to directions on package. Let cool. For the sauce I let the cream cheese get to room temperature, place in a bowl and stir in ranch dressing to taste (just personal taste, some like it rather ranchy tasting, some like it more suttle). Spread the cream cheese mixture on the crust. Then, I put all the veggies in the food processor and chopped them up kind of fine (b/c I don't like huge chunks of veggie on my veggie pizza). Put the veggies on the pizza. Last (but not least) I put grated cheese (fresh grated in my food processor) on the pizza. YUM!


Amy Trauntvein said...

Love veggie pizza! Lat week I tried a variation that I liked even better, called chicken club pizza. Same crust, same "sauce", but put on quartered cucumber slices, diced tomatoes, diced chicken (I just used cooked Tyson chicken strips), crumbled bacon and shredded cheese. The kids loved it and ate the whole thing!

Tony and Karen said...

The first time I ever had veggie pizza was at your house. Thanks for the idea for dinner tonight.