Monday, November 12, 2012

Turkey Cookies

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving!  We made these lovely turkey cookies in preschool last week! 
The student's loved them, and I really like having them follow a recipe themselves!  I make my recipes simple enough so they see what order to go in, and since 99% of them are not reading yet, they can "read" the recipe by following the pictures in order. (I covered the Peanut Allergy square with a sticky note if it wasn't needed - if it was needed then I had that student find what was different). 

Items needed: Fudge Stripe Cookie, Nutter Butter Cookies, chocolate chips, candy corn, piece of twizzlers pull apart licorice.
If you want the recipe, you can print this one off, or I can e-mail you the pdf.


Amy Trauntvein said...

Fun idea and easy enough for kis to "make" themselves. Did you use any frosting for glue or did the kids just stack the ingredients and then eat?

Amy Trauntvein said...

Sorry *kids