Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tiny Chocolate Nests with Itty Bitty Eggs

A friend of mine suggested the CuTeSt website, and I LOVE it! You gotta love the creative sites, right? The site is 'All Things Heart and Home' and I not only love her site, but I love the cute (and easy) Tiny Chocolate Nests with Itty Bitty Eggs -- too cute!
Click on the pic (or any links above) to go to her site and get the recipe!


Life with boys... said...

how funny is that~! Those are the mudcookies I was talking about just the other day during the giveaway! Yummy

Prilla said...

Too cute!!! We will definitely be making these this week. Oh and we call the base Poo Cookies, but I like the mud cookies name also.

Prilla said...

Made them today for the kids/neighbors for an Easter treat. Thanks for the idea. You're great!